Trump’s lie about the Arizona House speaker’s statement is direct and blunt evidence of intent


The committee introduced Arizona House President Rusty Bowers as the first witness of the day. The decision was carefully considered. President Bowers has provided utterly devastating evidence against Donald Trump that points to Trump’s intent and a separate possible crime in pressuring Bowers to violate his oath of office by sending alternate voters to Washington.

Here, Bowers testifies that Trump lied about his conversation with Bowers about who won the election in Arizona:

Evidence that Trump lied about conversations he had with various state officials would be key in a number of different possible charges prosecutors could consider bringing against Trump. An intentional lie intended to shape beliefs and a false narrative could apply to a crime involving Trump’s own treatment of Bowers, pressuring Bowers to commit a crime. Trump intentionally put Bowers in danger because Bowers then had to disagree with Trump and expose the truth that he never told Trump he won Arizona. It would be extremely powerful evidence if Trump were to be accused of obstructing Congress by providing alternate voters and pressuring Pence to count those voters. No less than the Arizona House Speaker said A) Trump lost and B) he wouldn’t consider sending any more voters. Last and perhaps most dangerous for Trump, if Trump was charged with conspiracy to commit sedition against the United States, the fact that Trump knew the truth about the Arizona election and chose to lie about it proves that Trump intended to inflame his supporters, spurring action while endangering the country’s democracy by ignoring the election itself.

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As Mr. Bowers said; “Are you asking me to put my state through this, without sufficient proof?” as a question posed to Trump. Trump implied that was exactly what Trump had asked him to do. Trump’s criminal exposure just increased dramatically.

And that’s why the Committee got President Bowers first. They intend to prosecute Trump through the hearings and then see what the DOJ does with this clear and compelling evidence.

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