Twitter Now Allows Users To Tip In Bitcoin, Worldwide


Twitter has extended its tipping feature called Tips to users around the world and added support for tipping using Bitcoin. First introduced in May for a small group of users in the United States, Tips uses third-party payment services and platforms, including Razorpay in India, to allow creators to pay tips. Twitter is also expanding the functionality by adding new payment services. In addition to the tip feature, the San Francisco, California-based company announced recording and replay options for Spaces – the bundled offering on the platform that touts itself as an alternative to the app. Clubhouse social audio. Twitter also revealed new custom controls and options focused on content moderation.

Originally called Tip Jar, Tips on Twitter has been updated with its global availability. Twitter said at a press briefing on Thursday that the feature would start rolling out to users around the world on iOS first, and then on Android over the next few weeks.

Along with global availability, Tips has now also added support for Bitcoin.

You can use the new crypto addition to the tip feature by adding your Bitcoin address to your Twitter profile, to start getting cryptocurrency funds from other users on the platform. People will just have to tap the monetization icon next to the Follow button on your profile to copy your Bitcoin address and paste it into a Bitcoin wallet of their choice, to tip you straight from Twitter.

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Twitter has also enabled a feature in Tips to allow users to tip Bitcoin using the Strike payment app, which is based on the Bitcoin Lightning network. However, the strike is currently limited to people in El Salvador and the United States (except Hawaii and New York). Users do not need to have a Strike account to send advice to someone through Twitter. The recipient must create a Strike account to add it to Twitter.

Following the briefing, Twitter confirmed to Gadgets 360 that cryptocurrency integration is currently limited to Bitcoin. This means that you will not be able to send or receive tips in other popular cryptocurrencies such as Ether or Litecoin, at this time.

Nonetheless, Twitter’s strong inclination towards digital currencies suggests that it could expand the functionality to other cryptocurrencies over time. Some references on Twitter allowing Bitcoin and Ethereum for its failover feature were spotted just earlier this month.

Twitter is also adding new payment services to Tips. These services include the GoFundMe online fundraising platform and the Brazilian mobile payment app PicPay. The feature already supports platforms and services like Bandcamp, Cash App, Chipper, Patreon, and Razorpay, among others.

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In addition to integrating Bitcoin and extending Tips with new payment services, Twitter also announced that it will soon explore non-fungible token (NFT) authentication on its platform.

“It’s a way of supporting creators, of making this art a hallmark to show authenticity. By allowing people to directly connect their crypto wallets, they can track and showcase their NFT property on Twitter, ”said Esther Crawford, Product Manager at Twitter.

Twitter Spaces with recording and reruns
Twitter also announced at its press conference that it was updating Spaces with the much-anticipated recording and replay features, to allow people to listen to audio conversations after they happen. This would give Spaces an edge over Clubhouse, which does not natively support audio recordings.

Additionally, Twitter is working to improve the discovery of audio-only conversations on its platform by offering more spaces at the top of your timeline and in dedicated locations.

The save option as well as the enhanced discovery are marked “coming soon” – an exact launch date has not been announced.

Twitter also announced the establishment of a dedicated fund for Spaces hosts. It will provide financial, technical and marketing support to emerging audio creators who are passionate about the live audio format and interested in creating recurring programs on Spaces, the company said.

The exact size of the fund and other details have yet to be announced.

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New controls for healthy conversations
Along with product updates, Twitter also shared how it’s trying to make the platform more appropriate and suitable for healthy conversations – with a limited number of abuses and trolls. It will also bring a feature called Heads Up in the near future to let users know who is in the conversation and what their vibe is before they jump in. This could help reduce the number of potentially heated discussions on the network.

Twitter is also testing a community feature to bring together like-minded people with similar interests under one roof. These communities will have dedicated moderators and standards – in addition to the usual Twitter rules.

Soon, Twitter will also allow you to opt out of a conversation you don’t want to participate in. This will allow users to stop receiving notifications even when mentioned in a conversation. It is also currently testing an option that allows you to remove followers from your profile using the web or its mobile apps, without notifying them or blocking their accounts manually.

A few weeks ago, Twitter started testing profile labels for accounts using bots. These are expansion projects with more types of accounts, such as businesses, brands, and memorial accounts in the future, the company said.



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