Twitter Rediscovers 2014 Cringey ‘Wheel Of Fortune’ Achilles Clip: “I’m Gonna Be Sick”


Unfortunately for one unlucky contestant, guessing the correct letters will only get you so far Wheel of Fortune. A viral clip from years ago is making the rounds online again after some Twitter historians let it out Wheel archives, looking back to when Julian Batt, then a freshman at Indiana University, butchered the Achilles name and lost a plum prize in 2014.

User Dave Rubin posted the clip yesterday (Jan. 18), captioning it simply “OMG.” In the minute-long video, Batt guesses the letters correctly to answer “The Mythological Hero Achilles.” However, his excitement quickly fades when he slaughters Achilles’ pronunciation by saying “Ah-chillus” and loses $1 million.

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The comments below the post filled with other users reacting to the bluff. A wrote, “That man was really smart. Unfortunately, he had a small weakness in his knowledge. A vulnerability, if you will. If only there was a metaphor for something like that…”

Another joked“Very sorry about that.”

Rubin wasn’t the only one posting the clip, though. It was Twitter’s talk yesterday, where a user wrote“Damn, I know this one hurt,” while another proclaimed“I’m going to get sick.”

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Other reactions included “I would burn myself at the stake” (our personal favourite). However, everyone pretty much agreed that poor Batt had “suffered the worst blunder” wheel… even a few years away, ‘if a Twitter commentator put it.

After his crush Wheel loss, Batt gave an interview to the Indiana star in 2014, explaining to the paper, “I just wanted to say it the way I thought it would sound.”

He added, “I didn’t have a lot of time to really process it. You have to stay positive. You have to keep the game going. And you can’t let one buzzer discourage your performance for the rest of the game.”

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Despite his mistake, Batt is in good company Wheel. Another user pointed out a similar error in the comments of Rubin’s post, sharing a Wheel clip in which a contestant guessed ‘Bridal and Gold Shower’ instead of the correct answer, which was ‘Cold Shower’.

“Another top Wheel of Fortune fail,” they wrote.

Look at Batt’s Wheel from Fortune snippet in the video above.



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