UK ‘Snow Bomb’ in February? What the weather bureau says


UK Met Office officials said these predictions are exaggerated. (Getty Image)

The United Kingdom has experienced heavy snowfall, with temperatures dropping to minus 10 degrees Celsius in some parts of the country. And forecasters have warned that the cold snap will continue this week. But some reports claim that another cold snap will hit the country from Greenland in early February. There are fears that a ‘snow bomb’ is headed for the British Isles by the end of next week. However, the Met Office has said their reports are likely exaggerated.

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The reports of a new period of severe weather in the UK are based on the forecast of advanced weather charts from WX Charts, a forecasting model. They show that on Thursday, February 2, a blizzard will make landfall in Northern Ireland and the northern parts of Scotland.

The forecast goes on to say that the weather anomaly will spread to most of the UK and cover large parts of the country in heavy snow, according to a Subway report.

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While WX Charts has not provided an estimate of how much snow will fall on the ground, the color-coded map on the website indicates snow is falling at a rate of nearly two inches per hour.

But talk to The protectorMet Office meteorologist Dan Stroud said these forecasts are exaggerated and the weather is expected to be mild in early February.

“We don’t expect anything exceptionally serious at this point as we start in early February,” he said.

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Scotland will experience warmer temperatures at the start of the week, which will filter south, the meteorologist added.

“We expect temperatures to be about back to where they should be in most of the country by the middle of the week,” Stroud said.

Those temperatures are expected to last through early February, the meteorologist added.

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