Ukrainian sniper dressed as Predator says ‘heartbroken as a glass’ because of war


A Ukrainian sniper hunting down Russians on the battlefield wearing a ghillie suit and a Predator mask says his “heart is broken” because of the war in Ukraine.

Footage shows the Ukrainian soldier slumped on the ground, holding what appears to be an energy drink, while wearing camouflage clothing and matching green gloves.

The soldier can also be seen wearing a mask from Arnold Schwarzenegger’s action feature, Predator, as well as his military fatigues.

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A video of the soldier talking about the heartbreaking situation in Ukraine has since gone viral, with the soldier wearing a Predator mask talking about how his “heart is broken” over the ongoing war in Ukraine.

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The sniper in a ghillie suit said his ‘heart was broken’ because of the war in Ukraine

The soldier, named Casper in the video, is prompted by the cameraman to “say something to the camera”, at which point he looks up and dismisses a strange, brief speech.

Casper, who can be seen fiddling with a can throughout the video, says, “My heart is broken like a glass and living any further makes no sense.”

Casper, dressed in a predator, then unmasks himself by cracking up in what is presumably an energy drink, joking, “I asked you to a dance and you said $2,000 an hour” before launching a brief salute with the hilt of his knife.

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The sniper mask is from the Predator film series, the first of which was released in 1986
The sniper mask is from the Predator film series, the first of which was released in 1986

The video, titled “Ukrainian sniper and his real thoughts…” has taken YouTube by storm, with hundreds of commenters leaving their responses for the fellow cosplayer.

One wrote: “Predators (Ukraine Freedom fighter) vs. Aliens (Russian Orks). Predators wins in every movie against Aliens, because it’s more the brains in the Ukrainian fighter’s head.”

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Another commented: ‘Legend has it he’s still shooting in the fields of Ukraine looking for that dance partner.’

A third commenter said they hoped the Predator helmet was “the last thing many Russian soldiers ever see”.

More than 7.7 million people have fled Ukraine since Vladimir Putin’s Russian forces invaded on February 24, LADBible reported.

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