UKTN lead in influencing designs for new smartphones


Kenya’s preference for new technologies influences smartphone designs according to leading phone manufacturers.

Speaking to the media on Thursday, Jan. 19, Tecno Sub-Saharan Africa Vice General Manager, Katrina Lee, revealed that manufacturers were constantly monitoring UKTN’ preferences when designing new products.

She claimed that Kenya’s technological advancements cannot be ignored given the milestones achieved in that sector.

In particular, she noted that with the internet infrastructure, UKTN were constantly looking for products that could provide fast internet speed services.

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A user browses for news on a smartphone.

Simon Kiragu

“We also have people who spend most of their time online, and they need to get the experience.

“We also have 5G and people want to do more live videos on social media,” she said.

On the other hand, Lee added that the growing preference for photography, selfies and vlogging led some companies to improve the quality of cameras.

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She added that many companies worked with photographers to better understand what people liked.

“Customers are now looking for more in terms of design, for example the camera for photography and videography. They have really high demands,” the official claimed.

According to various reports, Kenya is among the leading countries in terms of smartphone users in the continent. That’s why most phone manufacturers choose to launch new phones first in the country.

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In a 2021 report from the Communications Authority of Kenya (CA), 53.4 percent of UKTN use smartphones.

However, the number was less than feature phones placed at 67.9 percent.

“The quarterly industry stats report, which is based on mobile operator returns, shows the number: 33 million were feature phones and 26 million were smartphones,” the report said.

Access to Kenya Communications Authority.

Access to Kenya Communications Authority.



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