Union cabinet approves prime minister SHRI to develop more than 14500 schools


The Union cabinet on Wednesday approved the PM Schools for Rising India (SHRI) scheme, a new centrally sponsored program that aims to develop more than 14,500 schools across the country by strengthening selected existing schools operated by all forms of governments across the country.

The PM SHRI schools will focus on delivering quality education for students’ cognitive development and creating and nurturing holistic and well-rounded individuals equipped with key 21st century skills. They will also showcase all components of the National Education Policy 2020 through education in an equitable, inclusive and joyful school environment that takes care of children’s diverse background, multilingual needs and different academic skills.

The focus in PM SHRI schools will be on the learning outcomes of each child in each class and student assessment will be based on conceptual understanding and application of knowledge in real-life situations.

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The assessment of students will be done through a School Quality Assessment Framework (SQAF) that is under development. It will specify key performance indicators to measure results.

To increase employability in these schools and provide better employment opportunities, links with Sector Skill Councils and local industry will be explored.

Under the scheme, PM SHRI schools will be developed as green schools, which means incorporating environmentally friendly aspects such as solar panels and LED lighting, food gardens with natural farming, waste management, plastic-free, water conservation and harvesting, the study of traditions/practices regarding environmental protection, climate change related hackathon and awareness raising to adopt a sustainable lifestyle.

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Selection of PM SHRI schools:

The schools will have to compete with each other for support to become model schools. The selection of PM SHRI schools will be done through Challenge mode, for which schools must register themselves via the online portal. The portal will be opened four times a year, once a quarter, for online registration in the first two years of the scheme.

The selection of schools in the PM SHRI scheme requires three steps:

1) The concerned State/UT will sign a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) agreeing to implement NEP in its entirety and then the Center will establish the commitments to support these schools and achieve specified quality assurance.

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2) Eligible schools to be selected under the PM SHRI scheme will be identified based on the required minimum benchmark through UDISE+ data.

3) The identified schools will compete to meet the challenge condition. Compliance with the conditions would be certified by Staten/KVS/JNV through physical inspection.

A maximum of two schools are selected per block/ULB, one primary and one secondary/secondary.

The PM SHRI scheme will be implemented at a total cost of Rs.27360 crores, the center of which will bear Rs. 18128 crore for the five-year period from the year 2022-23 to 2026-27.

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