UPDATE 1- China Says Pelosi Taiwan Visit Would Undermine US-China Ties


(Add further quotes from the UN Ambassador to China)

By Michelle Nichols and Michael Martina

UNITED NATIONS, Aug. 1 (Reuters) – A visit by House Speaker Nancy Pelosi to Taiwan would undermine relations between China and the United States, China’s UN Ambassador Zhang Jun said Monday.

Pelosi was due to visit Taiwan on Tuesday, three sources said, as the United States said it would not be intimidated by Chinese warnings to never “look idly by” if she made the trip.

“Such a visit is apparently very dangerous, very provocative,” Zhang said at a press conference to mark the start of China’s presidency of the UN Security Council in August. “If such a visit takes place, it will also undermine the relationship between China and the United States.”

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He also said that such a visit by Pelosi should not be compared to the last time a US House speaker visited the island claimed by Beijing in 1997.

“An early mistake doesn’t make the next mistake legitimate,” Zhang said. “In addition, the situation in Taiwan is also changing with the support of some outside forces.”

“Taiwan’s propensity for independence continues to develop. If we don’t take appropriate, firm action to stop it…the situation could even spiral out of control,” Zhang told reporters in New York.

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He urged Washington to live up to its commitment to the one-China principle, which he said US President Joe Biden reiterated last week during a meeting with Chinese leader Xi Jinping.

Washington follows a “one China policy” that Beijing, not Taipei, diplomatically recognizes. But it is required by US law to give democratically governed Taiwan the means to defend itself, and pressure has increased in Congress for more explicit support.

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China accused the United States of double standards at the United Nations on Friday for challenging Beijing’s sovereignty over Taiwan, while emphasizing the principle of sovereignty for Ukraine after Russian forces invaded.

Zhang stressed on Monday: “We will do everything we can to defend our sovereignty and territorial integrity.”

(Reporting by Michelle Nichols and Michael Martina; editing by Aurora Ellis)


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