Vegan food giant Beyond Meat director arrested for ‘biting meat’ man’s nose


The chief operating officer of vegan food company Beyond Meat has been arrested for “terrorist threats” after allegedly biting a man’s nose during an argument.

Douglas Ramsey, 53, got into an argument with a driver Saturday night as he left a parking lot in Fayetteville, Arkansas after a football game.

He was in the parking lot when a Subaru slid in front of his Bronco and came into contact with the passenger’s front tire, according to a report from local KNWA/KFTA station.

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Mr Ramsey is said to have got out of his car and “smashed through the rear window of the Subaru”, the report said.

The director of Beyond Meat then reportedly started beating the owner of the car, who had exited the vehicle, as well as “biting the owner’s nose, tearing the meat at the tip”.

He also threatened to kill the other man, the report said.

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‘Terrorist threat’

Court records show Mr Ramsey has been charged with “terrorist threat” and third-degree battery. He was released last weekend after paying bail of $11,085 (£9,711).

The 53-year-old spent most of his career working for meat processing giant Tyson Foods, where he was responsible for the company’s poultry and McDonald’s business units, according to the UKTN.

He joined Beyond Meat, a manufacturer of plant-based burgers, sausages and nuggets, in December 2021.

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