Virata Parvam: Rana Daggubati explains why Sai Pallavi star is not pan-Indian film


Rana and Sai Pallavi-star Virata Parvam hits theaters today, June 17. Prior to the film’s release, during a press conference, when Rana was asked about his pan-Indian reach, the actor jokingly said, “People are obsessed with pan – India these days but I’ve been making omelettes on this skillet for ten years now.”

Rana Daggubati made her Bollywood debut with the 2011 film Dum Maaro Dum. Since then, he juggles between the Hindi and Telugu film industry. The Baahaubali franchise is the biggest pan-India project to date. However, his latest release Virata Parvam is not a pan-Indian film and is intended for Telugu audiences only, and Rana fully supports the directors’ decision.

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Elaborating on the pan-Indian film trend these days and explaining why not all films are pan-Indian, Rana said, “Some stories should be done in Telugu. We had no idea of ​​Pan India when the Virata Parvam began. This is a story about a region. The region is rich in literature from the region. Director Venu Udugula is a writer by nature. This literature may not be available in any other language. That is why we do not ‘have no pan-Indian idea. So we’re dubbing in Malayalam, Bengali and Hindi.”

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Meanwhile, at a recent promotional event held ahead of the release of Viarata Parvam, Rana revealed that he was asked why he chose to appear in a movie with a smaller role. “A lot of people asked me why I was doing this movie instead of doing an action movie,” Rana said while speaking on the occasion.

“Typically, heroes make movies for the enjoyment of their fans and applause. However, if you’re looking for an honest movie line between the applause, this is the movie for you,” the Dum actor explained. Maaro Dum.

Rana said at the Virata Parvam event that the film is totally Sai Pallavi’s show.

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“Sai Pallavi is an exceptional performer. “It is possible to find another actor who can play my role in the film,” Rana said, “but no one else could have done what Sai Pallavi did in the movie. film.”

Rana went on to say that Virata Parvam had a poetic touch. Rana explained why the film was released only in Telugu and not in other languages, saying the film has a unique narrative and fully appeals to the sensibilities of the Telugu audience.

He concluded by saying: “We will meet again in the same place for a successful meeting.



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