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Faced with rising inflation and rising utility and tax bills, many families across Britain are struggling.

During this cost-of-living crisis, we face huge dilemmas about how to keep up with rising costs while avoiding eating up our savings and making sure we’re still setting aside enough to meet our important life goals, such as retire early, buy a first home, cover the costs of care or give yourself enough to travel the world.

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It’s not unheard of for financial advisors to charge 3% of your investments to build a plan, plus 0.5% per year to keep an eye on it. This is where telegraph money can help. In our Money Makeover column, we ask two experts to create free savings and investment plans that fit readers’ specific goals and requirements.

Our plans do not replace tailored financial advice, but provide an outline of how to get started. We have experts available to help with real estate related goals; there are also savings and investment specialists who can explain how you can take full advantage of your pension or how you can prepare for early retirement.

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The Money Makeover articles appear in the Saturday edition of The Daily Telegraph and online the following Monday.

Click here to read some examples, and use the form below to apply for a Money Makeover.



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