Want to invest in games? New platform aims to revolutionize independent financing


Indie game developers who rely on Kickstarter, Indiegogo, and other crowdfunding platforms may have a new way to raise money for their projects, while budding game investors also have the opportunity to adhere to these visions.

Xsolla, a game trading company that provides services to developers and publishers to help them market, sell and optimize games, leverages its existing resources to deliver the Xsolla game investment platform, which aims to provide developers with another way to finance their projects. to finish and launch, while maintaining control over their games throughout.

The organization, which operates as a merchant and seller for Valve, Twitch, Roblox, Ubisoft and Epic Games, aims to connect accredited and handpicked investors with developers whose projects are already in development and need additional funding.

To separate its new proposition from its existing competitors, Xsolla places a strong emphasis on protecting creators. Chief among these is the streamlining of the fundraising process, giving independent developers better access to capital, as well as the protections of the Xsolla team, who will screen potential investors before certifying those who meet their requirements. standards. Investors will also have the opportunity to diversify their capital and risks through a number of different projects.

For those who hope to buy games, these potential titles are also selected, while the terms of the investment opportunities planned for the Xsolla games investment platform will be split income, which means that the backers have the potential to receive returns on game sales.

Chris Hewish, President of Xsolla, said the revenue breakdown structure was developed based on the company’s experience in building its previous business relationships with different industry players, especially partnerships. with the main independent game studios.

He continued, “Independent game developers have little means to bring their ventures to life, and many investors have no easy way to filter and understand the opportunities in this ever-expanding segment of the games market.

“Our expertise in video game monetization, combined with an extensive network of independent game developers, allows us to leverage our position to match developers with serious, accredited investors – and we look forward to seeing the next big one.” game take off because of this. . ”

Although they were only launched this week, the games are already available for investment on the platform, while Xsolla hopes to attract more investors and game developers every week.



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