Watch: Mannequins in Kabul, wearing hoods and masks under Taliban rule


The Taliban authorities initially wanted the mannequins beheaded


Mannequins in women’s clothing stores in Kabul, Afghanistan, which is currently under Taliban rule, were seen with their heads wrapped in plastic bags and faces covered with aluminum foil. The Taliban authorities initially wanted the mannequins beheaded.

Several images have surfaced on social media from stores in Afghanistan showing the bizarre appearance of hooded mannequins.

In a photo shared on Twitter, mannequins are displayed in stores with their heads completely wrapped in aluminum foil.

Another photo showed black plastic bags covering the faces of the female figures.

Some shopkeepers have also used clothing to hide faces and comply with Taliban orders.

“Not to be outdone by their own absurdity, the Taliban first demanded that all female mannequins in Afghanistan be beheaded. But now, in a gracious display of understanding and empathy, he says just cover them in plastic bags as if they are being stitched,” one user wrote while sharing the photos of the mannequins.

Another person said: “Taliban initially stated that all female mannequins should be beheaded, but then accepted that they had bags over their heads in shop windows. No words come to my mind about this travesty, except to celebrate the curiosity that I live in a world with so much misogyny.”

A store owner named Aziz told the UK Time News news agency that agents from the Ministry of Vice and Virtue regularly visit the shops and malls to make sure the mannequins are beheaded or covered. He defied the rules, saying, “Everyone knows that mannequins are not idols, and no one will worship them. Mannequins are used to display clothes in all Muslim countries.”

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Around this time last year, the Taliban had ordered shopkeepers in western Afghanistan to behead the mannequins, alleging human figures violated Islamic law. A video had gone viral of men decapitating the mannequins.



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