Watch: US TV channel stays on air as studio floods after heavy rain


Illinois received several inches of rain due to thunderstorms.

An Illinois television station continued to broadcast the news even after inches of water from a severe storm flooded the studio. The incident took place on Monday and the WCIA newsroom and control room were also flooded. The anchor of the Champaign-based television channel shared the footage on social media platforms, including Twitter, which showed the employees wading through the water and reaching their ankles. It further said there were local reports of flash flooding, as well as wind and hail damage from the storms.

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“There’s literally a lake. There’s a lake in the studio right now because of all the heavy rainfall that has come in here,” meteorologist Kevin Lighty said on the show during the late Sunday night broadcast, according to the clip posted by him. on Twitter.

The video also showed staff moving furniture and equipment to avoid being damaged.

“Sorry, guys. Oh, goodness. Oh god, yeah, OK,” the anchor is heard continuing in the clip. “Well, our water is still coming in here and it’s even worse in the back.”

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The technical equipment was spared from damage, and the television station continued to provide updates on the path and impact of the storms in the area, the WCIA report said.

On Monday, Mr Lighty posted some pics on Twitter with the damage to the newsroom from the storms. He also shared a video of his colleagues working amid the loud noise of the fans drying the studio.

Newsweek said strong thunderstorms hit central Illinois with hail the size of chicken eggs. The National Weather Service (NWS) in Lincoln posted a series of tweets warning locals about possible flash flooding and the threat of “one or two tornadoes”. NWS advised residents to “be prepared to seek shelter immediately”.

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