Waterbury man charged with attempted armed robbery of liquor store in Griswold


A Waterbury man was arrested in December in connection with an attempted armed robbery of a Griswold liquor store, according to the Connecticut State Police.

Troopers arrested Charlie Snowfly, 42, of Waterbury on Thursday, charging him with second-degree criminal attempted robbery, illegal use of a facsimile firearm, first-degree endangerment and second-degree breach of public order. The allegations stem from an attempted armed robbery of JC Spirits Shop on Main Street in Jewett City, a borough of Griswold.

Police responded to the store on the evening of December 30, 2022 for a reported attempted armed robbery. A store employee told police that a man wearing a black mask, winter hat, winter coat and jeans entered the store and demanded money from the cashier. According to the arrest report, the man, later identified as Snowfly, allegedly displayed a firearm in his waistband. The firearm was later found to be fake.

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The employee told him to hold on and walked to the back of the store before running out the back door of the building, according to the warrant. Snowfly was then seen on surveillance video following the employee for a few steps before turning and running out of the store. According to the warrant, he didn’t steal anything from the store.

Security footage showed a man matching the suspect’s description entering a building on Main Street. Detectives went to the address, an apartment, on January 2, knocked on the door of the building and were met by a woman. The woman allegedly told police the lease was solely in her name, but the warrant said a friend named “Charlie” was also in the apartment.

Detectives asked Snowfly to come to the door and talk to them about an attempted armed robbery they were investigating, which he did, the warrant said. He was shown a picture of the suspect and asked if he recognized the person, which he said he did not. He then explained that he was only there for a few days and was living in Waterbury as per the warrant.

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Police said they asked the tenant to come and talk to them in the hallway and according to the warrant, she agreed. She allegedly told them that Snowfly had been there for about three weeks and was staying with her the night of the attempted robbery. She claimed he left around 6 or 9 p.m. and came back in a hurry shortly after, the warrant said.

Detectives told her they suspected Snowfly of committing the attempted armed robbery and asked to look at her apartment for evidence. According to police, she agreed and they conducted a tour of the apartment, the warrant said.

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While searching the unit, police reportedly found “several items of interest that appeared to match the items of clothing the suspect was wearing in the JC Spirit Shop” surveillance video. The items included a black Nike hoodie, black hiking boots and orange work gloves, according to the warrant. The tenant allegedly told police that the gun Snowfly used in the attempted robbery was under the drawer in the bathroom, the warrant said. Police searched the area and reportedly found a plastic gun similar to the one seen on security footage of the robbery, according to the warrant.

Police applied for a warrant after obtaining a statement from the tenant. Snowfly was issued a warrant for his arrest on Thursday and was held on a $150,000 bail set by the court, which was presented in Norwich Superior Court the same day.


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