Wavinya: why I got my master’s degree before getting a bachelor’s degree


Machakos gubernatorial candidate Wavinya Ndeti on Monday (June 20) explained how she managed to obtain a master’s degree before completing her bachelor’s degree.

Speaking during an interview with FM Spice, Wavinya, who is looking at the seat on a Wiper ticket, explained that she had gone through all the levels of education required for a degree – certificate and diploma – before deciding to do a post-graduate degree.

She noted that the UK system allowed her to enroll in a masters program at the City University of London using her postgraduate degree she obtained at South Bank University.

CAS Wavinya Ndeti Addressing a congregation at the Upendo Worship Center – Athiriver on October 24

Wavinya Ndeti’s Twitter page

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“I did a certificate, a graduate diploma and a higher diploma in business systems analysis and design, then I did a graduate diploma in computer science, which was four years.

“With the graduate degree, which if you google it is still higher or equivalent to a degree, I was able to go to City University to do my Masters of Science in Systems Analysis and Design. company and graduated in 1992,” she explained.

The politician defending her candidacy revealed that she had interrupted her studies when she had her first child. It was during this break that her husband advised her that she could convert her graduate degree to a bachelor’s degree.

She explained that the conversion process would mean she would have to return to the classroom for a year. The university allowed transfer of credits, which meant that she was exempted from certain modules she had covered during her studies leading to a certificate and a diploma.

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“After enrolling him in day care I went back to South Bank University to convert my postgraduate degree to a Bachelor of Science (BSc), I was given credit on some modules because I had already done four years at school.

“With these credits, I was only in school for a year after which I completed my project. My postgraduate degree was then converted to a BSc in 1995, and that’s what people don’t understand,” she added.

A petitioner had filed a complaint with UKTN Election and Boundaries Commission (IEBC) Dispute Resolution Committee challenging her suitability to run for governor, citing academic qualifications.

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However, on June 19, Wavinya breathed a sigh of relief when the Committee cleared her, dismissing the case challenging the validity of her undergraduate degree. The Tribunal explained that it did not have jurisdiction to hear and decide the matter raised by the applicants.

“The returning officer has discharged his mandate in accordance with law. The complaint is without merit. Our final order is that the complaint be and is hereby dismissed without an order,” the court noted.

CAS Wavinya Ndeti addressing a congregation during her past event at the church

CAS Wavinya Ndeti addressing a congregation at her past event at the church.



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