Week 12 Fantasy Football Preview: New QBs for the Jets & Panthers, Rachaad White’s coming out party & Isiah Pacheco SZN


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Matt Harmon is joined by Dalton Del Don to give a sneak peek at the remaining NFL games taking place in Week 12.

The guys start off by talking about the Jets benching Zach Wilson and installing Mike White as their new starting QB and what it means for the playmakers on that offense, before discussing Brandon Aiyuk’s fantastic season and Alvin Kamara’s game. against the 49ers.

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Matt and Dalton also predict a big week for Kansas City Chiefs rookie RB Isiah Pacheco against the Rams and Miami Dolphins RB Jeff Wilson against the Houston Texans.

Later, they discuss Sam Darnold taking over as starter for the Carolina Panthers and wonder if first-year Broncos head coach Nathaniel Hackett will be fired after this season.

Listen to find out why Falcons/Commanders and Raiders/Seahawks are secretly interesting games for fantasy football this week and why Christian Watson might just be the Packers’ best option against the Eagles.

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02:30 Bears at Jets

11:30 Buccaneers at Browns

2:50 p.m. Saints at 49ers

18:50 Rams at Chiefs

22:20 Texans at Dolphins

25:00 Broncos at Panthers

30:30 Falcons at commanders

35:30 Ravens at Jaguars

37:45 Bengal with Titans

42:35 Chargers at Cardinals

48:40 Raiders at Seahawks

54:40 SNF Packers @ Eagles

59:35 MNF Steelers at Colts

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