Wet and cool weather expected in second half of December: With Service



    In the first half of the month, Singapore experienced short-duration moderate to severe afternoon thunderstorms on most days, with showers continuing into the evening on a few occasions, the Met Service said.

    On December 11, a Sumatra squall produced widespread moderate to severe thunderstorms in the morning and early afternoon.

    The daily total rainfall of 127.44 mm recorded around the West Coast Road area that day was the highest daily total rainfall for that two weeks, the Met Service said.

    Due to the rainy weather, the daily maximum temperature was below 32 degrees Celsius on most days. There were two days when the daily maximum temperature exceeded 33 degrees Celsius.

    Cooler temperatures were also experienced during the first half of the month, with daily minimum temperatures of 24 degrees Celsius or lower on all days during that period. The lowest daily minimum temperature of 22.2 degrees Celsius was recorded on December 3 in Jurong West.

    Rainfall was above average for the southwestern part of Singapore in the first half of December, while rainfall was below average for the northwestern part of the island.

    The highest rainfall anomaly of 49 percent above average was recorded in Kent Ridge, while the lowest anomaly of 55 percent below average was in Jurong West.



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