What to Farm with Destiny 2’s New Season Weapon Buffs on the way


Yesterday, Bungie introduced a number of changes regarding weapons and perks in Season of Redacted aka Season of Glass aka Season of the Splicer. As such, over the past couple of weeks you might want to keep an eye out for some weapons for next season’s meta.

I thought I would go through them here today and try to help you prepare for what’s to come. I even have to do a few myself after saying, delete every SMG Subsistence I own.

So what to grow?

The sleeper simulating catalyst – I mean, buy the gun itself at the kiosk if you don’t have it, but with the potential to be the new highest level of damage taken in the game, it’s worth getting the catalyst for increase reserves and reduce charging time. You can farm the Nightfalls Catalyst, the only place it drops right now, and then it’s something like 300 kill with it to finish it.

Vorpal Threaded Needle – As far as I know, there are only three Linear Merges in the game that you can farm at this time, which will benefit from a 15% damage buff and a 20% reserve buff. Tarantula is a global drop, so it’s hard to grow. Corsair’s Wrath does not drop with Vorpal for additional boss damage. So that leaves the threaded needle, which can have crushing rollers like Vorpal paired with a quick hit or autoloading holster or clown cartridge. Dude, I hope they bring Line in the Sand back.

The MIDA multifunction catalyst – It was the most useless catalyst in the game, but now he’s moving from Outlaw to No Distractions, a perk that’s also improved this season. So it’s a very, very good laning weapon now. The catalyst unfortunately only drops from PvP Survival, to I believe Fabled and above if you win games. Good luck tracking him down, but that’s where it can be found.

Extraordinary rendering of sustenance – There are a few different SMGs that can drop with the recently improved Subsistence, but the best is easily Extraordinary Rendition and you can farm it frequently in Battlegrounds as well, and who knows how that might change next season when Umbral’s focus changes . The sustenance was a trash can on SMGs before that, but now with no loss of supplies and no more bullets per kill, it could be the first level for mob cleaning on a weapon like this. I have to go find one myself since I have removed, twelve since the start of the season.

The last word – Hip Fire Grip is being polished, so be sure to buy it at the kiosk if you don’t have it already. It should be even better than ever for PvP in particular.

Benefits to Watch Out for – I don’t have specific weapons for each of these buffs, but if you have any with these, don’t throw them away until we see how they work after the buffs:

  1. High Impact and Pressurized Reserves (Mainly for PvP Fusion Rifles, now works on the first shot)
  2. Relentless (trigger buff, health boost)
  3. Sympathetic Arsenal (now also gives a reload bonus)
  4. Dragonfly (now works on minions and the like, now activates faster)
  5. Iron Grip, Gaze and Reach (reduced negative effects on all)
  6. Osmosis and Elemental Capacitor (now works with Stasis, Stasis gives a manipulation and knockback buff for the capacitor)
  7. No distractions (activates faster, less bronchial tubes)
  8. Celerity and Bottomless Grief (beneficial changes to stats described above, more “your fire crew must be dead” stuff)

So yeah, that’s what I have at the moment. Happy hunting the last two weeks here.

See my live reaction to yesterday’s TWAB here:

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