Who is George Hotz, Elon Musk’s intern who hacked Apple iPhone?


Hotz is a security hacker. Elon Musk spoke to him via Twitter.

Elon Musk has retained a man named George Hotz as an intern at Twitter for the next 12 months. Hotz has been hired to fix broken search and remove login popups. Elon Musk, who acquired Twitter last month for $42 billion, has been working on the overall completion of the social website. According to reports, he fired top Twitter executives, including CEO Parag Agrawal, to implement these changes. He also laid off 50 percent of Twitter’s workforce.

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His latest move is to hire a man named George Hotz.

Who is George Hotz?

George Hotz was offered to become the Twitter chief’s favorite intern after they discussed something on the social media platform. According to reports, George Hotz had praised his ultimatum to Twitter employees. He had said those who don’t want greatness should leave Twitter. George Hotz’s fame is his hacking Apple iPhone in 2007.

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Hotz said he’d keep his money where his mouth is. He said he was ready for a 12-month internship at Twitter. He said it was not to make money in this dead world, but to make the world alive.

He has written that Elon Musk gave him 12 weeks to fix the search problem.

Hotz is a security hacker.

He had reverse engineered Play Station 3 and built iOS jailbreak.

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He is also trying to bring the autopilot system into cars other than Tesla through his startup.



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