Why McLaren can bounce back from our weekend from hell and my take on the Porpoise Row


The truth is, we’re not massively impacted by porpoising, so we weren’t pushing for change. But safety must come first.

If there is a real danger that drivers will have long-term health consequences from bouncing, or that they will lose concentration and crash, then something must be done. I can see both sides.

The first two teams have clearly done a much better job of interpreting the rules than anyone else, so I can see why they would be against the change mid-season.

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At the same time, without having experienced the severity of porpoising experienced by others, I don’t want to criticize anyone. Safety must come first, and while it may not affect me now, these regulations are long term.

“I would like my fellow drivers to support me”

If I had a problem in a year or two that I felt was putting my health at risk, I know I would want my fellow drivers to support me.

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My main concern is that it’s fair for everyone – ideally you’d implement all the changes after the season – but inevitably it will affect some more than others.



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