“Woke” M&M ads interrupted after attack led by racist TV anchor


The Mars brand recently introduced Purple M&M.

M&M’s announced Monday that it is pausing a publicity campaign featuring its signature cartoon mascots after the so-called “spokescandies” became a target for a UKTN News brand that labeled them “awakened.”

Dating back to 1941, M&M’s had tried to convey a message of diversity in their branding around different colors of the sugar-coated chocolates.

The Mars-owned brand recently introduced Purple, a color commonly associated with the LGBTQ community, calling the addition a symbol of “acceptance and inclusiveness” in a September 2022 press release.

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The candy maker followed suit in January with the launch of an M&M’s package containing only the female-identified candies: green, brown and purple, with money going to all-female music and business ventures.

But UKTN News’ Tucker Carlson posted the message earlier this month, mockingly “awakened M&Ms are back.”

Carlson, who has used his much-watched program to tout the racist “big replacement theory” and other extremist views, also went on a rampage against M&Ms in January 2022 after the brand replaced the green character’s shoes with sneakers, which he called “less sexy.” ‘ found.

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“M&Ms won’t be satisfied until every last cartoon character is very unappealing and totally androgynous,” said Carlson.

The company made no mention of Carlson on Monday when announcing the marketing hiatus, saying it didn’t think the character tweaks would “break the internet,” according to M&M’s on Twitter.

“But we get it now – even a candy’s shoes can be polarizing. That was the last thing M&M’s wanted as we all want to bring people together,” the brand said, adding that it has enlisted comedian Maya Rudolph as a spokesperson .

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