Woman takes off her panties and sits on a guy’s face ‘for £100’ in beer garden


Video circulating online shows a woman removing her underwear before squatting on a guy’s face, apparently for a bet, at a crowded beer garden.

The clip was reportedly shot at the Chinnerys concert venue in Southend, Essex, as the sun beat down on a beer garden beside a busy road.

Several guys cheer the woman on as she begins to squat, with one yelling “100 pounds, go for it!” as the man recording the ominous clip repeats the figure.

The woman, who appears to be in her mid to late 40s, then covers her face and crouches down while the group of men cheer.

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The woman, who appears to be in her mid to late 40s, is getting ready
(Picture: Twitter)

She then appears to spin on the young man’s face, before someone shouts “Oh! She loves it.”

Some people cover their face in disbelief while others laugh.

At one point in the clip, two security guards or police officers appear behind the fences, seemingly ready to intervene.

The woman is then seen hurriedly pulling up her underwear.

“Sunshine brings all the monsters out of Southend,” one Twitter user wrote, sharing the video.

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In response, one man added: ‘Every time I walk past Chinnerys I thank my lucky stars, I’m not the kind of person who drinks at Chinnerys.

Chinnerys is a popular live music venue in Southend on Sea
Chinnerys is a popular live music venue in Southend on Sea
(Picture: GoogleMaps)

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“Of course it’s f***** Chinnerys,” added another.

Another man noted that the lewd act took place “in front of a children’s theme park”.

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He is most likely referring to Adventure Island, the theme park directly opposite Chinnerys, which Essex Live said was ‘very busy’ today as temperatures hit record highs today (Friday June 17).

Although sexual acts in public are not specifically illegal, according to the Sexual Offenses Act 2003, indecent exposure could be recognized as a type of sex crime.

A person who exposes parts of themselves in a public space could be considered morally unacceptable and may even be offensive to others.

Exposing oneself alone or with another in a wooded area or spaces easily visible to others is considered indecent.

Essex Police and Chinnerys have been contacted for comment.


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