Wordle Today #412 Hint and Answer, Friday, August 5


Yesterday I opened my Wordle directory with some poetry. I had to rhyme the entire intro/flavor text because it was all an elaborate hint to yesterday’s Wordle of the day.

I admit, one tricky thing about writing Wordle tutorials 7 days a week is just finding ways to open the post before you get to the actual hint and answer. Sometimes I do random “on this day” trivia. Sometimes I rant about the state of our society and the decline in our culture. Sometimes I talk about my life, the travels I take, and so on.

It’s hard to come up with something new every day, but it’s also a nice opportunity to get a little creative or just wander around like I do now. Today is my second day on this crazy Whole 30 keto diet. I’m also starting to go back to the gym after almost two months of being too sick or too lazy or too busy to go (there’s a scale of apology with COVID-19 on one side and “I’m too tired to going to the gym today” on the other hand).

The fact is that this summer I neglected my health and physical fitness, put on a few extra pounds and it’s time to turn all that around. I feel excited and motivated, but wish me luck anyway (you can follow me on twitter here or say hello on Facebook).

Okay, let’s do this Wordle!

Today’s Wordle #412 Hint & Answer

Spoilers spoilers everywhere. Spoilers spoilers in your hair! Spoilers in the water, spoilers in the sand! Spoilers at your feet and spoilers in your hands!

First a hint: if your game keeps freezing and crashing, you could describe it as ____.

The answer is:

Another Wordle I turned bad luck into good. my first guess, viola, was a pretty cool word I thought, especially since it had three vowels in it. Unfortunately I didn’t even get a letter right. Wordle Bot says there were 311 solutions left, which isn’t great.

Scavenger hunt I only got one letter, but it was a pretty useful one. I eliminated ‘E’ and only ‘U’ remained of the five primary vowels (also ‘Y’ but it’s kind of a half vowel/half consonant so…).

Just as importantly, the ‘U’ came in second and the ‘Q’ was eliminated. That still left me with a lot of options. I could have guessed funny here, for example, but I suspected rabbit because bunnies are cute and because I just read that Bugs Bunny was overpowered in Multiversus.

This gave me at least three green boxes and left me with only two options: Buddy and buggy. I rolled the dice and went buggy – for the win!

Happy Friday, young padawans!

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