Wordle today #518 hints, tips and answer for Saturday, November 19


It’s been over a year since New York software developer Josh Wardle first came out word to the public in October 2021, but the game’s popularity shows little sign of abating.

of Wordle simplicity is certainly a big part of its appeal. Each day, the player must guess a new five-letter word, in a maximum of six attempts. After each guess, the letters light up to let you know how accurate you were. When a letter turns green, it’s both in the word and where you placed it. Yellow means the letter features but in a different position, while gray means it’s not included at all.

Speak against News week in January, Wardle encouraged word players to play with different techniques.

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He said, “I would like to encourage people to experiment with different ideas and find their own [starting] words, instead of sticking to the same time-tested tactics over and over.”

Also in January the New York Times purchased wordfor an unspecified seven-figure sum.

The word game Wordle will be shown on a cell phone in Houston, Texas on January 12, 2022. Newsweek has some hints and tips to help you crack today’s puzzle.
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of Wordle popularity has helped inspire a number of other online puzzles, such as Worldly for lovers of geography and Nerdle for fans of math-based puzzles.

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The answer to today’s puzzle is revealed at the end of this article, so carefully scroll down if you want to find out for yourself. To help you solve today’s problems word, News week has provided some hints and tips on the latest puzzle.

‘Wordle’ #518 Tips and directions for Saturday, November 19

word players can use these five hints to solve puzzle #518.

Tip #1: The answer contains two vowels.

Tip #2: There are no repeated letters.

Tip #3: Synonyms for today’s word are “avoid,” “deter” and “ward off.”

Hint #4: The third letter is a vowel.

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Tip #5: There is no ‘I’ in team. The same goes for today’s answer.

‘Wordle’ #518 Answer for Saturday, November 19

The answer to today’s word is “turn away”.

After yesterday’s real brainteaser (not that we’re bitter about “glyph,” but come on), Saturday’s puzzle was a lot easier, with the two commonly used vowels helping. Do you have it? If so, congratulations. But please don’t worry if not. One of the beauties of word is looking at how you can improve your performance over time. Anyway, we hope to see you again tomorrow for the last word challenge.

What does ‘turn away’ mean?

The Cambridge University Dictionary defines avert as “to prevent something bad from happening”.

For example: “To avert a crisis.”

The next word puzzle will be available at 7pm ET, when the daily update takes place.


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