World Cup 2022: When does it start, what are the groups and the program for Qatar?


Why is Qatar such a controversial choice?

How long do you have? Since it won the last round of elections in 2010, beating the US 14-8, the bidding process has been ravaged by evidence and corruption allegations, leading to the resignation of FIFA president Sepp Blatter and a wider investigation into bribery by the FBI and Swiss police leading to multiple convictions.

Qatar has also been heavily criticized for its treatment of about 1.6 million migrant workers building stadiums and infrastructure projects for the World Cup.

Working conditions at official World Cup venues are widely regarded as of a higher standard than wider infrastructure projects, but campaigners argue that this does not absolve organizers or FIFA of responsibility for the plight of those affected.

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Qatar has defended its progress in this area, including recent labor reforms, but has also warned that there is more work to be done.

Furthermore, homosexuality remains illegal in Qatar and given that inclusiveness and anti-discrimination are cornerstones of FIFA’s stated mission, the decision of 22 old men to allocate the game’s marquee to a place where LGBT fans, according to the letter of the Qatar law, being able to face prosecution makes all those declarations of solidarity fake.

Are fans allowed in?

England supporters traveling to the World Cup will have the opportunity to “glamp” in the desert of Qatar during the tournament, as organizers look for ways to meet demand for accommodation.

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Qatar’s organizers plan to use cruise ships for 175,000 fans to stay in “floating villages” moored at the ports, and they’ve stepped up their plans for campsites as an alternative to hotels near the eight venues for the finals. .

The campsites have been compared to ‘glamping’ rather than an expedition into nature. Facilities include toilets, showers and dining areas created on land on the outskirts of the five cities hosting the tournament.

The Qatari Supreme Committee for Delivery and Legacy estimates that more than a million people will travel to the Middle East to watch the 64 matches, which will culminate in the final on December 18.

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Security chiefs plan to attend Arab Cup matches to assess security as the final draws closer.

How do I get tickets for Qatar?

Tickets are available through the FIFA website, with over 800,000 tournament tickets sold during the first and second phases that have already expired.

There will be a chance to buy tickets closer to the start of the tournament on a “first come, first served” basis according to FIFA, but the opportunities could be scarce.

Tickets to the final can set you back from £156 to £1,223. Alternatively, there are arrangements to follow your team multiple matches.

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