World Food Day 2022: History, theme and significance of this occasion and how to participate


Image Source: FREEPIK World Food Day 2022: know all about the occasion

World Food Day 2022: October 16 is observed as World Food Day around the world. This occasion aims to draw attention to the millions of people around the world who cannot afford a healthy diet and the need for regular access to nutritious food. With the added burden of the COVID-19 pandemic, global food security has taken a hit this year. The day is led by the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO). Conflicts, climate change, rising prices and international tensions also lead to food insecurity and World Food Day appears to be rising to the challenge of making nutritious food accessible to all.

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World Food Day 2022: History of the Occasion

This day was established on the occasion of the FAO’s birthday in 1945. Dr. Pal Romany, former Hungarian minister of agriculture and food, proposed World Food Day in November 1979. Since then, World Food Day has been celebrated in more than 150 countries around the world. It aims to increase food supply and ensure that affordable and nutritious food is available to everyone.

World Food Day 2022: Theme this year

The theme of World Food Day 2002 is ‘Leave no one behind’. 2022 finds us with an ongoing pandemic, conflict, a climate that will not stop warming, rising prices and international tensions. This has implications for global food security. We must build a sustainable world in which everyone, everywhere, has regular access to sufficient nutritious food. No one should be left behind.

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World Food Day 2022: Significance of the Occasion

The purpose of the occasion is multifaceted.

— Building a more sustainable world with good food for all.

— As a global community, we all have a role to play in bringing those left behind by making our agri-food systems more inclusive and sustainable.

— Promote global awareness and action for those suffering from hunger and the need to ensure healthy food for all.

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— There are also many awareness-raising initiatives to educate people about malnutrition and obesity, both of which have major health implications.

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How can you participate in World Food Day 2022?

Making sure no one around you is left without a good and nutritious meal is one way to eradicate hunger and participate in World Food Day. Students and community members can participate in various events and educate people about food and nutrition.

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