Worst boss in the world ‘installs CAMERAS in toilets to monitor staff during breaks’


A BOSS has come under fire for allegedly installing cameras in toilets to monitor breaks.

The tech company in southeast China has denied installing cameras in bathrooms to monitor phone use and smoking during toilet breaks.


Leaked CCTV footage shows workers using their phones in the toilets
The company allegedly used the images to warn other employees


The company allegedly used the images to warn other employees
The photos led to serious privacy issues


The photos led to serious privacy issues

But three photos leaked online of workers hiding in toilet cubicles while on breaks, Red Star News reports.

The three men were caught smoking in a toilet and using their phones.

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According to a leaked internal file, the company allegedly used the images to warn other employees about violating company policies.

But the photos raised serious privacy concerns, with many saying it was another example of “big brother” surveillance in China.

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One said: “The company should be punished for abusing surveillance cameras.”

Another wrote: “They treat people like animals, without the slightest respect and humanity.”

A third called the move a “dystopian nightmare”.

The company has reportedly fired two of the men caught on camera, while the other lost its monthly bonus and received a warning.

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The company said the employees “crossed a line” and deserved “severe penalties”.

An employee told Red Star News, “The cameras will certainly capture private moments, but frankly, the policy has pros and cons.”

It comes after another bizarre boss refused to hire people who have the number five as the fifth digit of their phone number.

The boss of the education company in Shenzhen, China, is said to have told job applicants to change their numbers if they are serious about getting a job with the company.

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The odd demand for the job is based on the superstition that having a five-fifth digit in a phone number brings bad luck.

The bizarre condition — which has nothing to do with skills or work ethic — sparked a heated discussion online.

One user said: “It’s the 21st century and there are still such superstitious bosses.

“Why don’t you just hire a fortune telling Feng-shui master?”

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But some superstitious people agreed with the manager’s decision.

One said, “My mom told me it would be best if my phone number doesn’t have zero or five in it, so it doesn’t have a single five in it.”


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