WWE is now considering two different names for the Elimination Chamber PPV rebrand


Earlier today, Dave Meltzer reported that WWE was looking to rename the pay-per-view Elimination Chamber, and one name being considered for the rebrand is to call it WrestleMania Chamber.

It may have seemed like WWE was moving away from the name Elimination Chamber due to the negative connotations the name has in some parts of the world.

But it looks like the Elimination Chamber name might stick because Dave Meltzer is reporting that WWE is considering naming the event “The Annual Elimination Chamber.”

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“The latest proposed name change for the Saudi PPV is The Annual Elimination Chamber,” Meltzer said in a tweet. Nothing is official until it’s announced.

It hasn’t been officially announced yet, but the next Elimination Chamber event is expected to take place next month in Saudi Arabia. WWE has time to come up with a name as we are still weeks away from the start of the Chamber hype.


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