Yellowstone will partially reopen this week after catastrophic flooding


Yellowstone National Park will partially reopen to visitors on Wednesday, after massive flooding last week damaged roads and bridges in the park, the National Park Service said Saturday.

Driving the news: Flooding, landslides and hazardous conditions over the past week closed all park entrances and forced the evacuation of 10,000 visitors.

The big picture: Beginning at 8 a.m. on June 22, visitors will be allowed to return to the park’s South Loop, although not all South Loop campgrounds or cabins will be reopened, according to the news release.

  • In order to control crowds, the park has implemented a system where even number plates on their cars and motorcycles will be allowed in the park on even days, and odd vehicles will be allowed on odd days. .
  • Exceptions will be made for visitors with overnight reservations or commercial visits, who will be permitted entry regardless of their license plate number.
  • The park’s North Loop remains closed due to flood damage, with the park predicting that it “will likely remain closed for a substantial amount of time.”
  • “Many stretches of road in these areas are completely gone and will take a lot of time and effort to rebuild,” the park’s North Loop Q&A page noted.
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What they say : “We have made tremendous progress in a very short time, but there is still a long way to go. We have an aggressive plan for recovery in the north and resumption of operations in the south,” Yellowstone National Park Superintendent Cam Sholly said in the news release.

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