Yorkshire barn owls become global superstars


He told the Telegraph: “We’ve been building this for two years, so it’s taken a lot of work to get to where we are today. But you can get 10,000 to 20,000 people listening to each other in a day quite easily and sometimes more, so it’s quite remarkable.

“We started pushing the live stream into lockdown because people were going into green spaces and it got crazy straight away. Some months we were well into the tens of millions.

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He added, “People asked a lot of questions about it and really liked it. Whether it’s on the big screen in a bar, we love it. That’s the amazing part of it all: that we’ve built this great community of people interacting with people above nature. All religions, all countries and no barriers, really.

“They thought it was amazing because they saw the owls hatching and the fledgling kestrels living in the barn. People were saying on YouTube’s live chat that ‘I have to go to work’ and a cockatoo was pictured watching the live stream in Mexico.

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“It brings such joy. It’s so peaceful and comforting, compared to something like sport where everyone is shouting. Everyone is just enjoying the wildlife.



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